AFAIC the Nikon DL and 1 V Series are dead! 'Will move on...

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Re: My thoughts: G.A.S.? Maybe. But I call it...

opiecat wrote:

razormac wrote:

I'm all in favor of buying new stuff for what ever reason . . . I suffer from GAS as much as the next guy. If I had an unlimited budget I would have one of everything (and a house big enough to store it).

But, as long as I am trying to keep some sort of reasonable balance, M43 just doesn't do it for me. My V2 kit teamed with my FX gear give me the range and flexible that suits me best. Am I disappointed a V4 hasn't appeared to make my credit card tremble in my wallet?

Yes! I am . . . but my V2 bodies and lenses still do exactly what I bought them to do, better than M43 alternatives would have done for my needs. That hasn't changed and won't change based on Nikon's failure to produce a new V series body.

If my Nikon 1 gear begins to fail and there still isn't a replacement on the horizon I will end up switching. By then Nikon may have a new mirrorless series available, or I may go Fuji instead of M43.

Regardless, I intend to fully enjoy whatever gear I have as long as it continues to do what I want and makes me happy. And, that is where I am in full agreement with the OP. Life is too short to deal with stuff that doesn't add to your joy. IMO Leica is overpriced, but if that is what made me happy that is what I would go with.

Good luck and a lot of fun with whatever you end up choosing.

just curious. what is it in m43 that didn't work for you?

Partly just the size . . . similar IQ (to my eyes) from the N1, but a lot smaller and lighter.

Biggest reason, as much as I hate to admit, was my inability to get comfortable with the menu structure and handling. When I bought my first digital ILC, I went into the camera store intending to buy a Panasonic G1, and decided to compare it to a Nikon D5000 while I was there.

The G1 frustrated me but the D5000 just felt right, Menu and Controls seemed natural, so I ended up with Nikon DX instead of M43. Several years later I made the same comparison when the V1 came out, almost went for it but a few things I didn't like. The V2, on the other hand, ticked all my boxes, and I have been delighted with it.

Nothing I have said should be taken as a knock against M43 by the way, only that it didn't suit me. Still, if I was rich I would have a full M43 setup.

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