FZ2000/2500: Are the dpreview lens tests correct?

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Re: FZ2000/2500: Are the dpreview lens tests correct?

PC Wheeler wrote:

marshwader wrote:

I did. I don't know what went wrong with their shots. That's why I ran my own tests. Their samples are awfully soft in the corners. Mine are totally acceptable. Their samples have apalling fringing in the corners. Mine don't ??? I have seen worse softness at the wide end of my Canon 24-105L IS zoom wide open. Any explanations?

My take is that there are good and bad copies of the FZ2500 -- a quality control issue. I saw the same in personally testing four copies of the ZS100 (two good, two unacceptable -- to me).

I'd agree with PC Wheeler. Quality control issue is one of the biggest issues these days. It's apparent everywhere especially in products meant for mass production. And digital cameras are no exception.

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