When will it end - 33mp with 8K by 2020

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8K pointless for most

Your eyes have limited resolution.   With 20/20 vision, you'd have to be closer than 4 feet from a large 60" TV in order for their to be a difference between 4k and 8k.  And you'd likely need to be less than 3 feet away before the benefit becomes clear.  Nobody is going to put their couch at arm's length to watch movies.

If we switch to computers, you'd have to be about 1.5 feet from a 30" monitor in order for 8K to be noticeably better than 4k.

That's with larger displays.  If you go with more standard displays like 40-50" TV and 22-27" monitors, then you have to be even closer to discern a difference.

More resolution is better until you have as much as your eyes can resolve. At that point, what's the benefit?

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