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gimp_dad wrote:

Zee Char wrote:

I switched to Adobe several years ago. It was mostly for LR and handling mass edits. PS for hobby shots. I still always used DPP for pre viewing and searches before importing to LR, etc.

I decided to goof around with DLO. I figured I could always do very well with just PS and get just as close. I did some intense testing yesterday. DLO vs Adobe detail pallet, using the sharpening and masking sliders and then sharpening for final output.

What I noticed DLO sharpened thing up without effecting noise whereas no matter how much I worked the sliders using ACR I could not get it as clean.

The profile is on Standard so I just left the default sharpening settings alone. Figured that was good enough to compensate for the AA filter. All I did was click on DLO and Distortion and then used the Transfer to Photoshop tool and applied my sharpening and resizing action.

I still have to say this about DPP. I still find it clunky and slow. Highlight recovery is terrible compared to Adobe. I will still use LR for mass edits but I will probably use this new workflow for my hobby shots unless there is a highlight recovery issue, etc.

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Thanks so much for sharing your learnings Zee Char. I love this thread and can't wait to refer back to it when I am in front of my workstation. A lot of things I want to try in order to see if I can improve PP largely in LR without more trips to PS.

Sometimes I've gotten a bit sloppy with NR with the 5DSR and I think I'm giving up some subject sharpness in order to remove visible noise in the background.

NP. It was very interesting as well. After learning about DLO I took an interest in deconvolution which led me to finding out how the detail slider works. I find the clarity really helps as well and my default is +15

Here are my final LR/ACR numbers to match colour to DPP. Adobe should be set to Camera Standard. It will never be perfect or match for all situations but I like the skin tones. I have not experimented with Faithful, etc.


Clarity +15

Vibrance -9

Saturation +4



Yellow +15

Green -6

Blue +10

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