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Auto Review?

Hudsonriver wrote:

Hi Folks. A large display in the Eye screen has popped up suddenly with all of the parameters of the picture just taken and it only lasts for a couple of seconds and the camera will not take another picture until this screen is displayed.

I have the instruction book but I can not figure out how to get rid of this or how it got started so I would very much appreciate some advice.

Thanks in advance.....Jeff

As _vlad said, likely the image just taken be displayed automatically?

Under "Auto Review" of "Custom Menu", you might set either "Hold", "?? sec" or "OFF".

  1. When It was Off, no auto review and if you wish to inspect the last taken image, has to hit "Playback" button.
  2. When It is set to ?? sec, your camera would display the just taken image automatically (likely your case) and would stay for ?? sec before return to ready mode. P.S. Any half press of shutter would cancel the review and return to ready mode immediately.
  3. When it is set to Hold, like above but the display would never be cancelled by itself until a half press of shutter. For some occasion you might wish to study the taken image for longer time (check the exposure condition, the composition, the sharpness etc) that 5 sec might be too short for the job.
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