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Re: Mandatory thread tagging

Greynerd wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Strangely enough some are endlessly patient in helping new users even if the questions have been answered before. Others are easily (and perhaps unreasonably) intolerent to repeated threads on the same subject.

The solutions are easy:

New users can use the excellent search facility for a quick response before they launch into a set of queries. Often there are many suitable explanations already recorded.

For those easily made grumpy I suggest that there is no need to even open, answer or follow new user question threads.

Unfortunately many good explanatory threads are confused and diluted by the grumps being negative.

There is a fair bit of title trolling going on in the site where inflammatory titles are used in a similar way to newspaper headlines then everything is an ever so reasonable request for information in the text. I wonder if the marketeers are using this as a tactic to get negative impressions in search returns. You really have to wonder how many posters seeking information are genuine or not especially when implications of a problem existing are voiced in the title even before an answer has been received.

Yellow journalism in the digital age.

During my recent volleys with Ray over splitting the forum, I suggested the use of mandatory thread tagging to address some of that. Make thread originators pick from a very short list of options, and give individuals the ability to filter their main forum view by the same tags. If a member repeatedly abused the mandatory tagging system, it'd be easy for the mods to identify the problem child and take whatever action they saw fit.

Don't want to see anything about Olympus? Filter all threads tagged with Olympus out of your view. Seems simple to me, and it would seem to meet many of the individual requests for "improvements", IMO.

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