We got the message 8 years ago. Moderators: intervene!

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Re: We got the message 8 years ago. Moderators: intervene!

Tommi K1 wrote:

Tuonov2 wrote:

Essentially, you and a few others on this forum, would like to ban any posts that don't hail m4/3 as the best ever system that's better than everything? OK, got it.........

Or maybe just put the discussions to in context?

Absolutely -- context is key.

Some like to claim that FF has superior image quality to 4/3", no matter if the print size is 5x7"

Never heard that one.  Well, maybe I've heard it, but I've not heard anyone say that whatever differences there are make any difference.

Some like to say that cameras ISO quality at ISO 52600-102400 is the crucial factor.

Never heard that one, either.

Some like to say that shallowest DOF that blows half of the face out of focus and tip of the nose and even blurs the background like there is nothing is the ultimate goal of photography.

Can't say I've heard that one, either.

Some like to say that m4/3 system is just a compromise while FF isn't.

Haven't heard that.  Heard something similar, though -- all systems are a compromise -- which seems to be said quite a bit.

Some like to say that m4/3 has lost the size and weight benefits.

I have heard that, especially with Panasonic's newest offering.

Some like to say that FF is the most sold format...

Back to haven't heard that.

...and all professionals use one.

I have, however, heard some say that more professionals would use FF than smaller formats.

And then comes someone who would like to little bit get m4/3 forum cleaned from the typical IQ differential by sensor sizes and focus more to the m4/3 gear discussions, that this forum is all about.

Best way to do that, in my opinion, is to not read or post in threads that involve gear other than mFT, and most certainly not start threads on gear other than mFT.  That's the same strategy I use to avoid "What bag is best for my camera" discussions. 

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