We got the message 8 years ago. Moderators: intervene!

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Re: The Padlock, with explanation.

NCV wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

While I like comparing several camerasystems and it in itself is no problem, I am personally done with the lithany of the same questions over and over again.

I think this is quite normal given the turnover of users of this forum.

A bit boring for "old hands" but you can skim or skip the thread.

I approach the tedious topics as an opportunity to help, as I was helped early on, and continue to be helped by more experienced folks. Giving back, as it were. Often, posting a link to an earlier discussion on the same topic is enough to point someone in the right direction.

For 8 years now we hear these so called questions: "mFT IQ is not good enough, is it now?" Not really questions, more confirmations. Mostly some absolutistic remarks are put in and when people confront the person for trolling, they are behaving like they are innocent and had no ill intent etc. Might be true, but it is the same old story for years. We know it.

I get this feeling too at times.

But we do not often know who is behind the nickname of the obvious wind ups. Are they a troll, a fan boy, the marketing department of a rival or just a poor nutcase?

The unknown & unknowable, for sure. Unless mods are willing to track IP addresses to their origins and the corporate friends were dumb enough to post from their mothership, of course. I don't expect mods to bother with that, though.

How about having real names?

Wouldn't work for me for reasons I'm unable to discuss. OTOH, changing over to paid access for a minimal fee might help, but that brings a lot of other problems to the table. If Amazon wanted, they could tie DPR membership to Amazon accounts, though.

We know it now: whatever happens, mFTs will never be good enough because it will never be as good as APS-c let alone FF. And since it will never change, it is an never ending story.

It does what it was designed to do for very well. I bought into M43 for those areas where it gives me an advantage over another format. Nothing to do with sensor size or perceived image quality.

We can have comparisons here, but once they spiral into the very same thing time and time again we should get rid of it.

Do you feel it is time for our moderators to step up and remove threads to the Open Talk part of the this internet site or the othe rpart (Advice on buying equipment)? Or remove it completely?

I am for a removal to either of the two. What do you think?

Perhaps that padlock should be applied swiftly to some threads when they start to run off the rails.

Maybe, but heavy moderation isn't easy to do, and the resulting climate of the forum can be negatively impacted. As has been mentioned, better self-moderation is the key, which brings me to my next response.

I follow another M43 forum. There things get locked very quickly when certain concepts and arguments start creep in and things risk getting nasty. The other day at the fist mention of a certain word after 5 replies in a camera comparison thread; Zack! Locked!

I'd much prefer locked threads with a very brief explanation from the mod. If possible, the mods could have an interface with short menu of applicable reasons for the lock ' "No personal attacks" "Asked & answered" "Violation of Rule X" etc. A lock without explanation isn't the worse thing, but I see it as a missed opportunity.

I dislike deletions because they offer nothing constructive to the general membership about the standard the mods are attempting to engender, so the abusers (unknowingly?) continue the abuse, and no one's the wiser as to what happened. Better to let everyone see what happened and why, IMO.

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