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But that is one of my gripes

Max Iso wrote:

I chose the something else box. I think it's obvious some of these guys are disguising their trolling with "questions" but it doesn't bother me, i feel the strengths of MFT stand on their own. Like the guy recently who kept arguing that Fuji was so great this and that, i simply told him Fuji has no way to make up for a lack of IBIS.

Every system has good and bad and we know MFT has it's benefits. I simply have no problem listing those benefits when somebody challenges that idea.

A second point: this is the m43 forum. We have a "Camera, lens and system buying advice" forum. Isn't that the place to ask questions that is about more than one system?

On quite a few fora you will see virtually no comparison threads. Mostly here and on the Fuji part. None on the Nikon1 and Sony fora for instance. Very few elsewhere if I am mistaken.

My problem is that many of these arguments are not arguments over the camera. "The camera" in these threads is consistently brought back to one component: the sensor.
That seems to be what all these threads have in common. The sensor, then the size, then the inferiority of it and thus the whole cam yadyadyada.

What's the point? May be we should just have a general statement always above the forum that deals with sensors sizes from 1" to FF or so. Explain what they mean, what the differences are. If an argument is not about camera differences, which is nice, but only about sensors and how good and bad they are based on size only.....lock the thread and point the OP to the first post so he/she can inform himself.

So we can have arguments that actually discuss camera's and lenses as a whole, not just one component.

The rules for some:

"Specific behavior that will not be tolerated and will result in post removal / banning includes:

  • Bashing: Deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same brand, product orcompany. If you have a complaint or comment to make, make it once and make sure you have facts to support it.
  • Flaming: Insulting, abusive, malicious, personal attacks.
  • Trolling: Deliberately antagonizing other forum users by posting 'flame bait.'
  • Swearing: Using profanity (or changing characters to bypass our profanity filters)

To me, once people start to say things like "small sensor with bad IQ etc." that I think is antagonising or can be dealt with by my suggestion above.

If some remains normal about it, says he or she is worried about going to a smaller sensor and how it affects IQ that seems fair too. No problem. So yes: it is a fine line. I know.

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