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Re: Purpose of Flat View?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

ahaslett wrote:

There are lots of threads that spark cross format wars. Only a minority seem to be started by people without MFT gear.

MFT can do anything that any reasonable person wants is a classic thread, which is really an argumentative version of I am happy with my gear.

The spitting in our faces thread is another good one which implies that an evil combination of engineering and marketing is overcharging for capabilities that other formats have.

Then there is the why no progress in IQ thread, which seems to split between trolls, shills and a subset of those with spit on their faces.

You could do your own moderation by pressing ignore on the OP of every thread that you don't like?

I agree Andrew, your solution is workable for those that cannot stand dissent caused by someone who has become a rival. There is enough fine judgement necessary from moderators on what to allow and what not to allow already. Furthermore shifting these sort of threads to another forum is a form of abrogating responsibility and foisting a M4/3 forum problem on to some other long suffering moderator.

Quite often these threads start off innocuous enough and can remain so - it seems that any subject with a contentious core is highjacked by some of argumentative disposition and goes off on its merry way as others with a similar inclination to fixed opinions verbalise and will not accept contrary viewpoints.

From a moderator perspective it is often hard to actually determine where the fuse was lit and as a result some quite useful and thoughtful posts in a sub-thread have to be sacrificed.

I suggest that anyone who sights a sub-thread off the rails should not in any way post a thoughtful response on that thread but start a new sub-thread to do so.

Therefore the difference for an ordinary user who is bothered by what someone writes is quite different from that of the moderator who HAS to read through a stream of various levels of (often useless) invective that they are not at all interested in to winnow out the root cause of the disrailment.

Yet on the other hand contentious threads often contain many thoughtful and useful posts by serious hard working helpful posters.

So where does the dividing line fall? I try and keep a thread alive if it is proving interesting and useful to the forum. But to run a tight line might well reduce the forum to a boring cozy club that simply does nothing but agree with itself.

However I am quite capable of deleting whole sub-threads if they run off the rails, locking a thread or deleting it altogether to deny oxygen to those that seem to have a lot of time to argue about nothing in particular. I don't see it as my job to be the "expert" who arbitrates right opinion form wrong opinion - but merely to keep the forum civil.

What I am not prepared to do is to pass my problems over to another moderator.

A very reasonable response.

Thanks for providing some insight into how you do that voodoo that you do so well.

On your mention of creating new sub-threads, I wonder if removing the flat view option would cut down on a few problems. Fat viewers occasionally respond to a sub-thread without realizing how it appears to threaded viewers. That results in several needless, confused posts about who was responding to whom, and the like.

I'm missing the value of flat view. I've yet to see it work well for me on any forum, especially an active one. If it serves a purpose, I'd like to know what it offers that threaded view doesn't do better.

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