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Re: The person is the problem, not the topic...

kenw wrote:

Over 90% of the threads here on any topic are repeats from the past 8 years to be honest.

I disagree. Many topics deal with new gear. New lenses, new camerabodies. Choice between this mFT cam and that one. What we want in the future, what is missing (and yes this can spiral into a bigger sensor is better thread etc). Also luckily about the pics we take. How we can best use our existing gear. Peculiarities we found.

With every new camera or lens it is something new. And repeating something in itself is not so bad if it happens every now and then I feel. Such arguments rarely invite trolling. Unlike the "tiny sensor is bad" threads...

How does auto ISO work and why doesn't it do what I want in M? Why does the flash system do XYZ? My Olympus lens is stuck in MF! How do I get Olympus colors on Panasonic? Are Olympus lenses compatible on Panasonic cameras? What exactly does "compatible" mean? Did I get a good copy of this lens? I'm disappointed with my purchase! I have a witty misleading title for a smug thread about how m43 is actually the bees knees! And so on...

Most of the above I have rarely read. Besides: all of these again rarely go into negativity.

And regardless of the topic the result is much more to do with the OP and the first replies than the topic itself. A few topics attract the usual suspects who like to argue and run off topic. A few of them became so tired and boring we banned them to the PS&T forum. So yeah I think there might be a few topics that are best just banned from this forum.

I believe system comparisons that are specific (Fuji vs. m43, Nikon vs. m43, Sony FF vs. m43) are actually appropriate for here.

Why do they not belong on the Advice forum or Open Tal forum? What are they for? TO do it it over here is an ideal place for trolling.

You will get the best advice and perspective by posting such questions to the pair of relevant forums. It so happens lots of people migrate to m43 from both up and down the sensor size range so we are a convergence point that sees a lot of those comparison questions. Those do sometimes run off the rails and in that case just lock the thread and move on. You are a moderator so use your judgement and moderate. If it is a tired topic and the usual arguing suspects have come in and assumed their shouting positions on various soap boxes just post at the end of the thread a link to a few previous discussions and lock it. You don't need to make specific rules in this case, lack of civility and tired repetition are obvious and already part of the rules.

It is fine when people ask who we feel about m43 cams. We can give our perspective and opinion, it is very fine. It seems to go wrong time and time again when people start to compare specific camerasystems I think such direct comparisons belong to the Buying Advice forum.

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