Wildlife lens -your favorite?

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Re: Wildlife lens -your favorite?

sunjester wrote:

Do yourself a favor and ignore anyone who tells you that you can use the 200-500 to shoot anything that moves in low light unless you're shooting D4, D4s or D5. From fellows comments with the D500, I don't even think the D500 is up to it. But I've never shot it on the D500 so that's going off someone else's testing. I don't think it's even worth testing on s D7100. At least rent before you buy.

All these owl shots same day and they are in low light. They were all taken 10mins or so before dark. Here are two consecutive frames at even higher ISO. They are two shots I would not normally post. They also have a lot less post work on them since they were not meant to be posted.

I know I will not change your mind as have no one else been able to in spite of the thousands of images on the net showing the quality of this lens for the price. I think though your claim of the impossible is far from accurate. Your claim of inconsistent focus is also inaccurate.

I do agree though with the rent before buying.

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Really excellent images taken with the 200-500mm. Well done and thanks for sharing.


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