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Re: DSC-RX10 III focus issues

Looking at these picture/crops i totally agree with you marc. But a perceptive mind like mine sees that this shots/comparisons where:

1- Rx10M3 vs Fz2000 (not sure if the Fz1000 is sharper reading that on pany forum)

2- This comparisons came from JPG!! and not RAW. We know the JPG from Sony are great not? and more over the JPG from Sony has extra fine mode.

3- The Sony was used at BEST iso 100 the Fz was used at 125base iso but NOT the best iso80. Now i did check the DPR comparison with Fz1000, and check yourself.

To my feeling the RX10M3 lens produces a IQ comparable with the Fz line-up but the reach is longer. Someone already stated it, i would prefer the Zeiss lens and the Panasonic body. WOOOOOO

So what cam does produce bétter IQ pictures in REAL life? Also considering the AF advantages and reaction speed? We have all seen a few stunning examples here from owl and lizard remember? We have plenty of RX10M3 users here so i will start a separate thread and ask permission to put those 2 pictures there and ALL RX10M3 users with the stunning IQ can beat those Fz1000 pictures into space not?? (no pun intended )

I think the bottom line is that first and foremost (especially for such competent cameras), the better camera is the one that produces an image that most frequently is in focus. I find it hard to ignore such comments as:


"These reports confirm that the lens is very good throughout the focal length and aperture range. I have seen no negative reports about the lens or the sensor.

Unfortunately there have been many less positive reports about the autofocus performance.
To summarise:* Focus hunting at the long end and in low light with AF Single.* Low follow focus capability on moving subjects with AF Continuous.
Several users report that the camera can follow focus on slowly moving subjects but that it is not suitable for sport/action/birds in flight."

" It has a very good sensor and by all reports an excellent lens but the user experience is diminished by the poor continuous AF performance and the ergonomically muddled control layout."


"The autofocus system on the RX10 III is a contrast detect one with 25 focus point. Its performance is very good at a wider angle and shorter focal lengths, but it suffers quite a bit when you reach the telephoto range.

While the single point AF isn’t problematic, the continuous AF produces somewhat mixed results. The problem lies in the contrast detect autofocus, if Sony decided to choose phase detection instead, it would be a different story. So the RX10 III isn’t a well suited for shooting sports and anything moving fast, but it should do just fine for wildlife which still means a lot since many people interested in that kind of photography would consider a camera like this one."


"Autofocus is a bit of a mixed bag with the RX10 III. At wider focal lengths the AF is pretty snappy, working well for both still and moving subjects. At the longer end of its range, however, AF is really very slow, even with still subjects; it's accurate, once it's found its target, but the lens is prone to hunting.

Not surprisingly, this is exacerbated if you're trying to track a fast-moving subject at longer distances: my usual test, trying to focus on my dog as it ran towards me, was definitely a step too far for the RX10 III. For closer and slower-moving subjects I found I could get good results using centre lock tracking and the slow burst rate. The lack of blackout during continuous shooting is a definite bonus, and makes it far easier to follow your subject."


I do not find these type of comments (re AF) with the FZ2000. So...RX10 III = great camera but one considerable weakness, which may not be one to some/many depending on how/what they shoot. Love that it goes to 600mm...but would be bummed to lose shots too frequently due to AF issues. Don't own the RX10 III as the AF issues brought up by many at forums and review sites make clear it is a red flag.


Lets go for it see all all with your pictures over there.


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