Conspiracy Theory Question: Does Interior LED Lighting Interfere with Autofocus?

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Exposure time would not affect auto-focus

If the LED is flickering, yes, that would interfere with the auto-focus, but the more noticeable problem is that the flickering would also interfere with the exposure, requiring a longer exposure such that the interruptions in the projection of the light would be eliminated. The same adjustment would be required for any light source that is cycling.

If those "1/8" and "1/40" are exposure times, that would not be relevant to the auto-focus unless you are refocusing during a burst of exposures that would be shorter for the faster exposure time.  Your problem is likely to be related to something that's happening during the exposure rather than the flickering of LEDs.  For museum photography, you would be using a tripod or at least a monopod and have the option for doing long exposures after verifying focus.

The problem of flickering lighting is more noticeable when you can't use a longer exposure, and that's why cameras are getting anti-flicker technology.

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