If Olympus or Panasonic made a normal wide f1.2...

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Arizona Sunset
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If Olympus or Panasonic made a normal wide f1.2...

This is a carry over from another post, per Astrotipper's suggestion to have a poll.

If Olympus or Panasonic made a fast, pro-tier normal wide lens, would you be interested?

In other words, if Olympus made a 17.5mm, 15mm, or 14mm f1.2 Pro lens the size of the existing 25mm f1.2 Pro lens, or if Panasonic made a similar focal length f1.2 Nocticron equivalent, would you consider buying it?

Why or why not?

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Pre-order it. No question.
11.1% 11  votes
If reviews were favorable, buy it.
16.2% 16  votes
Wait for a used copy or sell existing lenses to afford it.
10.1% 10  votes
Lust after it, but not buy due to budget constraints.
15.2% 15  votes
Willingly skip it.
47.5% 47  votes
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