"Views don't mean anything." Author Unknown

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Re: "Views don't mean anything." Author Unknown

Your response is a road map to success in this house (cite, etc.). Others can illustrate with graphics or text.

also el wrote:

well, maybe an admin could chime in and clarify what constitutes a 'view'.

a recent entry i had in a challenge had 31 views where as the shot in my gallery that was used for the challenge only has 4. so obviously they aren't connected.

as to your original post.... 'what does it mean to you'...

I assume (ouch) that "Views" equals "Location, Location, Location."   It's a value judgement.  It means that my entry has arrived, unscathed, by the mark of a populace that will hardly agree upon one thing, face to face, but when put together, in this forum, they channel their energy into one of their peers.  And, by sheer numbers, propel that person into ten seconds of fame.  That's ten seconds in which you exist in your fame.  One more for your portfolio.  To keep.

I look at every photo first to look for convention.  Would it have at least an s-curve (leading line). Or, frame, or, thirds, or &c.  It's the prominence of that, in thumbnail view, that begs me to enter, and spend more than ten seconds on it.  Then, I go get another one.  It gets "in" at 3.0.  That's the light of day.  When I have a good sample, say sixteen, I pull in the net, and compare and contrast, and up into an individual synthesis for my subjective eye.

In the beginning, my cool left in a hurry, with peers who voted .5.  What do they know about what it takes to put the moon between arches?  Gave it up.  They are to challenges what the narrow-minded, "off-topic-troll" is to any critically conscious thread.  Or, my entry simply s. . . .d, and the moderator tried telling me but I didn't have the wherewithal to accept.  Today, .5 means, someone knows that I'm here.  A .5 means you're a BB at the bottom of a 55gal drum.  Makes noise.

To explain; One of the moderators said, you don't need a computer to leave a photo in obscurity, or something to that effect.  There's the power of your vote, but I can't see to mark a .5 when every entry is somebody's baby.  So vote your conscience. Your moderator has an exact duplicate of everyone's "myVotes."  That person can study them and give you feed-back on your voting patterns.  Do your voting patterns reflect photographic convention and then are you overbearing in your subjectivity?

i have to say that i do occasionally look at the number of views on the photos in my gallery. i have a few shots that may be similar to others and it is interesting to see that a color version may garner more views than the black and white. or just in general some that have a lot of views are shots that i hadn't printed, but now i may print them with confidence.

My "inner ansel adams" was a dud.  I went to where Adams took the photo, an eroded hillside, and reshot it. One BB; at the bottom of a barrel.  Try both venues, repeat.

at the same time, i have one shot with more views than all my others put together and then some. all i can figure is that someone linked it to something else (maybe 'how not to take a photo of a bird in the fog'):-). so we'll leave that one out of the equation.

Great figuring; and, we should be notified that we've been linked.

for me, yes i do look at 'views' as a barometer of photos that i''ve shared. dpreview and a small photo challenge site are really the extent of my social media experience. i don't really have time to get involved with all the other stuff and would prefer that the smart phone in my pocket stay dumb and just be a phone.

I paid more for my phone than I paid for a low-mileage 5DMark something or other.  Five D is in the back seat, in my fancy bag pack, when at eighty miles an hour some guy barrels down a hill taking the cable divide with him.  GOT IT, put it in instant my gram, four year old granddaughter changed my key.  No more "gram." they won't let me in.

interesting topic.


Hasta Luigi; Abq

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