Canon 70-200 f4 IS - Quality Problem with Focus Module

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Re: Canon 70-200 f4 IS - Quality Problem with Focus Module


I would like to add to this discussion about the focus problem of this lens. I've had one for three years and mine has got progressively worse. The focussing ring just spins around and is totally useless in manual. I have just managed to fix it myself for free!

It turns the lens into an amazing new version of itself, in that there are now two options when focusing manually. The focus ring can now cover it's entire focus range either in 1/2 turn or 1/4 tun of the focus ring.

I made a video on how to do this simple fix and I clearly show the problem and solution. Unfortunately it is not possible to have it now with autofocus, as it would burn out the motor or damage the camera.

Good luck with the repair if you want to convert to manual ONLY.

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