Is micro Four Thirds useless without flash?

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Is micro Four Thirds useless without flash?

In another thread (now closed), a poster said in response to another poster's example of available light photography

This illustrates that you really don't understand photography.

In another post, deleted by the moderators, he explained that the 'lack of understanding' was demonstrated in his failure to use flash. I find it incredible that there are people even bothering with m4/3s if this is their belief. In my view, and based on my own experiences, m4/3 is capable of available light photography .

I would say that this is one of the niches where micro Four Thirds is strongest, with camera sizes small enough to make them unobtrusive and convenient for informal genre such as 'street photography' but at the same time aperture sizes large enough to provide results of acceptable quality in those situations.

Putting a huge high power flash gun on your camera seems to negate all the advantages that come with the format and would I suspect produce inferior results to the same equipment size/mass of a larger format, which would allow the capture by available light, without the harsh lighting and loss of spontaneity that on-camera flash inevitably entails.

The fact that many micro Four Thirds photographers insist on seeing Canon and Nikon as a reference point and can't overcome their own inferiority complexes in that respect, in no way detracts from the fact that this is an integrated and thoughtfully designed system which provides a sweet spot for many.

But to blindly suggest that m4/3 cannot be used without flash, illustrates that someone has never even tried. m4/3 is in many ways a system made for informal available light photography, one just has to accept that it is what it is, and the results trade the ultimate image quality that might be had with a larger system for the huge advantage of being able actually to have a camera present and inconspicuous when that would be very difficult with cameras of a larger format.

I won't even go into the other misinformation that was presented.

Is it a common view that m4/3, that it is useless without flash?

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