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Website or software for slideshow

Does anyone know of a website or app to help me display my photos on my home computers?

I currently upload my processed images to a Zenfolio account, which I like for its features in sharing photos with family and friends (e.g., password protection for photos that include our and our friends' children). I also like to look at photos myself by having a slideshow running on a computer in our living room. Right now I download folders from Zenfolio to that computer's drive, and I use the Mac's screensaver function to display the photos. Every few weeks I post another folder of photos, and I download a copy to the living room computer for display.

These are the things I'd like to improve:

- Having recently moved from a small apartment to a home, I would now like to have the same photos be shown on two computers (living room, study), and also in my office. This would require downloading photos to two computers, and keeping track of which needs updating and which was done. I would prefer pointing my computers to a website (e.g., an album called "Screensaver" on Zenfolio) and keep only that website updated with new photos.

- Also, the Mac's screensaver function is very limited: display time is 3 seconds (unless you are willing to override security features every time you restart your computer); photo order is random with no structure (I would prefer random choice of each album, then sequential choice of all photos in each album).

A couple of ways of acquiring a least some of the above capabilities could be:

- A well-featured program (app) on the Mac that was capable of displaying a photo show using photos on a website. it would be a bonus if this program allowed complex rules for how to show photos (e.g. random sequence of albums), and the ability to look up the filename and path of a photo that was just shown if the user pauses the slideshow.

- A website that allows slide shows across multiple folder, and that ideally would accept a script command from the computer to automatically start the slideshow, or might have a scheduling function for starting the slideshow. Zenfolio, as far as I can tell, only allows a slideshow of a present folder.

- A website that allowed creation of smart folders. I could tell such a smart folder to show all photos in my folder called Photos_Crhono, and so whenever I added a ne w album to that folder it would automatically appear in the smart folder too. Then I would still need an app to display a slideshow from a weblink.

- A digital photo frame that can display photos from a website

The motivation for these wishes is that my family and I love having the photos always running. We are seeing and enjoying our photos far more often than we used to when they were in physical albums.

Any tips are appreciated.


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