GX8: Ugly Duckling?

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Re: GX8: Ugly Duckling? No Way!

TN Args wrote:

That OP actually qualifies as camera porn!

I think that the GX8 is a very handsome and lust-able camera (for its appearance).

I also think my GX7 looks best in silver, although that varies from model to model, for example I don't think that my silver E-M5 II looks nearly as hot!

I just wanted to say that, as photography, I think that your images are very strong.


P.S. I see that shutter shock has raised its head (and qualifies as trolling in this thread, which has nothing to do with that topic, and which has been well and truly covered in many many other threads). Instead of bickering about its existence and true causes, IMHO it's best to recognise that it is almost certainly a consequence of physical manufacturing tolerances, in much the same sense as a DSLR pentaprism focusing alignment, and varies from sample to sample off the production line. What nobody knows is what percentage of GX8 exhibit it, but it could be quite small (you know how the internet magnifies negatives), and it is clear that many don't exhibit it at all. The good thing is that, if one's personal GX8 has it, the workarounds are so dead simple for the informed (enthusiast) owner, sort of like having a great-rendering lens that needs to be one stop down to be at its best.

I have experienced shutter shock on many Micro Four Thirds cameras and for me it absolutely is a deal breaker. I returned them all. It has nothing to do with manufacturing tolerances and it's a more serious problem than a misaligned focusing system. A misalignment can be fixed, shutter shock will be there for as long as you use the camera. The GX80 doesn't suffer from shutter shock, but what about that new Olympus E-M1 II? I wouldn't be happy if I purchased a two thousand dollar camera body, only to find it still suffers from a long known problem.

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