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Definitely no scaling...

TN Args wrote:

TN Args wrote:

Dr_Jon wrote:

Plus the blurb says:
"6K PHOTO is a high speed burst shooting function that cuts a still image out of a 4:3 or 3:2 video footage with approx. 18-megapixel (approx. 6000 x 3000 effective pixel count) that the 6K image manages."
Which has no resemblance to reality. If you can just change the X+Y resolutions to suit while ignoring the aspect ratio ....

Thanks for this thread, I wanted to discuss this.

I read the blurb above in the press release, and wanted to open a thread here to discuss what it actually means. I have read this thread and I still don't understand.

I would appreciate it if someone can actually technically describe the technique, unemotionally and unjudgementally, instead of just getting angry and ranting about marketing.


In answer to my own plea, here is my guess.

They point out that video now uses the entire sensor, which means there is no 1.3x crop of lens field of view, like there was for the GH4.

So, the full 5184 width of active pixels are in use when videoing (there are about 500 dark pixels outside that, but too unlikely that they become active, so ignore them for now -- even though it is conceivable that they could be activated making a true 5760-ish 6K frame).

So, in 6K Photo Mode, they say they make 18MP images, so divide by 5184 gives 3470 pixels height. This is a 3:2 aspect, which might explain why the press release mentions 3:2 first.

So, the 6K Photo Mode seems to be reading 18 million individual pixel values per frame, and not making anything up e.g. by upscaling. That was a concern I saw mentioned, but I don't think they are doing upscaling. BUT I could be wrong: Andrew Reid seems to think it is upscaled, but is he guessing? If it is upscaled, what is the point of it? Just use 4K Photo, pick your frames, and upscale it at home (for no significant benefit). It's illogical, so I think it seems to be reading 18 MP as a video stream at up to 30 fps, but not storing it as a video -- instead as a string of 18MP stills.

The question then becomes how clean and good are these images, given that they are stored as H.265 (HVEC) compression? Well I don't think we can put a limit on it. It all depends on what quality level Panasonic adopt. In fact HVEC is the core of a potential successor to JPEG for still images -- BPG. So, it could be terrible or it could be magnificent. At least Panasonic have a good reputation in doing compression well, so no need to despair, and fingers crossed while we wait for reviews.

If the fancy technologies that Panasonic are cramming into the Venus engine are all utilised on 6K Photo Mode, it could be very impressive. IF.

That's my guess.

I already explained precisely how this mode would work months ago (down to the last detail), even before it was known this was a 20MP sensor.

And everything I said in those posts turned out to be exactly correct. There is no upscaling or downscaling in this mode. It's unequivocally 1:1 pixels.






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