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I think it's a game changer for stills and video...

TN Args wrote:

Dr_Jon wrote:

Plus the blurb says:
"6K PHOTO is a high speed burst shooting function that cuts a still image out of a 4:3 or 3:2 video footage with approx. 18-megapixel (approx. 6000 x 3000 effective pixel count) that the 6K image manages."
Which has no resemblance to reality. If you can just change the X+Y resolutions to suit while ignoring the aspect ratio ....

Thanks for this thread, I wanted to discuss this.

I read the blurb above in the press release, and wanted to open a thread here to discuss what it actually means. I have read this thread and I still don't understand.

I would appreciate it if someone can actually technically describe the technique, unemotionally and unjudgementally, instead of just getting angry and ranting about marketing.

Well, I can do it unemotionally, but I'm going to be judgmental. I think it's a great feature, and it's going to be a start of a future trend in capturing still images in a video stream.

Essentially, in 4:3 (4992x3744) and 3:2 (5184x3456) mode, you're sampling 18+ MP of the sensor, which is, of course, nearly all of it, continuously at 30fps. You can do this until the SD cards fill up or the batteries run out. And, on this camera, that could possibly be all day if you use more than one SD card or if you use a grip with extra batteries.

Essentially, if you want to use this for stills, you usually set the shutter speed higher than you would for video mode, so you don't get motion blur. But, this could be used for video as well, if you set the shutter speed lower.

The compression codec for this mode is h.265, which is the newest, most efficient coded. This is probably needed to limit the bitrate to something more manageable for standard SD cards and to keep from filling them up too quickly.

You can use this mode to replace the continuous drive on cameras that uses jpg/RAW compression. The reason you might want to use this mode instead of the dedicated stills continuous drive is that the buffer on those modes typically fills in about 1 or 2 seconds. Then you have to wait for the buffer to clear and the data to be written to the SD card before you can shoot again. And that can take a pretty long while.

The downside of this mode is that it uses a higher level of compression than jpg, so the fine detail may be slightly less. Also, you'll have less latitude in post to correct problems. The upside is that this could be a game changer for sports and wildlife shooting where you need continuous, non-stop, high speed shooting. It can allow you to get that once in a lifetime shot that you'd miss on any other camera.

If you're doing this as a stills shooter, how do you go through and find the right image out of the hundreds or thousands of frames in the stream? Well, it's simpler than most people think. If you've ever fast forwarded a video and freeze framed on an area you want, it's really no more difficult than that. Some people think you have to go through each frame one by one, but it's not true. If you have an idea of where the frame is, you can just skip ahead. If you don't, it's not really hard to speed through it and land on the spot you want. It's easier when everything is in one stream, rather than separate files for each image.

And, finally, you can use this to shoot 5K video with 1:1 pixels (i.e. no downsampling). You just choose the 5184x3456 mode and shoot with it like a normal video mode. Then you can just crop it to 5120x2880, which is 5K video, in post. You can also use the extra pixels on the top and bottom to choose precisely where you want to crop (i.e. you're shooting a little more than 5K video, so you have a little more latitude). Or you could possibly use the extra pixels to do some added image stabilization in post. This could be a great feature for pro video shooters.


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