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Tequila MockingjayBird wrote:

I am not quite intimate into the workings of the film industry so pardon my ignorance in this matter.

I just cam to know that there are deicated focus pullers in making a film. I would have thought the camera operator would be responsible for that. But evidently not.

So why this SoD - Segregation of Duties?

Ha! If the fact there is a "focal puller" (which is also known as "1st AC") surprises you then you'll be even more surprised to find out that: there is a 2nd and 3rd AC too! (this will be further duplicated if you've got more than one camera running, for multi camera shoots. Then you'll have 2nd and 3rd units as well....) This is on top of the camera op and DoP which you'd have ranking above the 1st AC.

Add on to that, often you could have a camera trainee / camera dept PA as well.
And these are only but a few of the positions you'd have on a film crew! There is a DIT (digital image technician) as well steadicam / gimbal op, drone op, video assist operator, electricians, gaffer, best boy, lighting techs, grips, and heaps heaps heaps more positions! (and I'm not even mentioning yet the positions which fall outside the control of the Director of Photography! Such as the Make Up Department, or any of the many other departments)

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