Switch from Fuji X-T1 to Nikon D500 because of Focus speed and low light

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Switch from Fuji X-T1 to Nikon D500 because of Focus speed and low light

Hi Nikon's!

Currently I'm from the Fuji side of the Forum. I own the Fujifilm X-T1 with 18-55 F2,8-4.

But how it is in life, ask a Sony user, a Olympus user or a Leica user which camera is the best. So I try to get some informations from the Nikon side.

My problem with my X-T1 is when it came to low light (dimmed lamp indoor or mybe only some candles like on christmas days) pictures of moving kids. The X-T1 for me is to slow to focus. The moving kids often brings up a red Focus rectangle which means the camera could not get a verified focus. So you have to try again until the rectangle is green. Either the focus takes to long or I'm unable to get a focus. I don't want to talk about what mistakes I made or what could improve the problem. I'm convinced that the X-T1 is not the best for focusing moving objects in low light and I don't think the X-T2 would improve this in a substantial way.

Currently I'm thinking about to switch to DSLR. One of my thought is the Nikon D500. It is advertised with focus speed in low light. One other thought is the D750. Some facts of the camera should be

  • Mostly I shoot people (kids)
  • Focus speed in low light on moving objects
  • shallow DOF (this is why I'm thinking about a D750. But maybe with some good lenses I could get a acceptable DOF for portraits with a APSC as well)
  • acceptable JPG output (Currently I'm a jpg only shooter. If there are some good presets for Lightroom or others for converting all pictures the same time, I could change to RAW)
  • good flash options with HSS, remote flash, rotatable 180° to the right and 180° to the left. (Fuji lags here)
  • 4K video would be nice but not a must have. When it is not available I would get an extra cam maybe action cam for 4K

So maybe here are some Ex-Fuji users which switched back from mirrorless to DSLR or some which could report about some skills of the D500. I would be pleased to hear about some limitations from the D500 against a Fuji mirrorless (X-T1 or X-T2) as well.

Thank you for your help

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