AF/MF Toggle setup; MF setup; Focus Magnification Toggle

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AF/MF Toggle setup; MF setup; Focus Magnification Toggle

Thought I would put this in a separate thread for those with new holiday toys.

Sony's manual focus system is very good, try it, after a short while you get quick with it.

1. AF/MF Toggle

makes it easy to go from AF to MF and back again, never moving your eye from the evf or subject in lcd. my suggestions:

reassign the rear right rocker to AF/MF Toggle. (note: default flash control is lost, see flash solution below)

menu, gear, page 4, custom key settings, Right Button: set to AF/MF Ctrl Toggle.

At start up, you are in AF, with your focus area size box in gray on the lcd screen. Press the right rocker, presto, goes to MF mode, focus box changes to a gray circle. Press rocker again, back to AF.

2. Manual Focus Aids setup

My settings (after a bit of use, you will find your own preferences)

menu, gear page 1,

MF Assist: ON

Focus Magnif Time: No Limit (stays magnified until you half press shutter button)

gear page 2

Peaking Level: Low

Peaking Color: Yellow

3. In Use

Shooting normally in AF, then want MF, simply press right rocker, then turn front ring, focus magnification of 8.6x occurs, refine the focus where you want it with the front ring, shoot, or wait for something, shoot. Want back to AF, simply press right rocker. (while in normal framing view, not while magnified).

Focus Peaking is shown when you enter MF. It is meant to be used only when magnified, after you turn the front ring. Focus peaking finds and highlights the edges of objects that are in focus. You turn the ring until the peaking is shown on the edges of your subject, then, half press, back to normal framing view, ignore the focus peaking, check your framing, finish the shot.

Use MF at any focal length, including macro which is simply shooting wide and moving close to within 2" of subject.

Sony rx100's have no separate macro lens position, they simply focus as close as 2". As mentioned, scene mode Macro is simply presets to work well when that close.

If you zoom, the aperture gets progressively smaller, and minimum focus distance gets longer, at full zoom you cannot be any closer than 10".

So, depth of focus will vary, shallowest when wide and close, progressively more depth of focus as you zoom and move back as needed for that focal length's minimum focus distance. In A mode, you can force even smaller apertures if desired.


Focus Magnification has two powers, uses rear center button to toggle from default magnification, (8.6X on rx100m3) to double the magnification to 17.2x when center button pressed, back to 8.6x when pressed again, back to normal framing view when shutter button is half pressed. Models magnification factors vary. My RX1r is 5.9x and toggles to 11.7x


Flash Solution.

the rx100m1 and m2, if flash is 'on', they automatically pop up and fire, so you need to have flash control somewhere, either the default rear right rocker, or put into your Fn button menu as I do. Many never use flash, so nothing lost using right rocker for something else.

happily, m3,4,5 the flash needs to be physically released. So, you can simply leave the flash set to ON, force fill flash, all the time, and simply leave the flash down, it cannot/won't fire. That is why you can easily reassign the right rocker to anything you want.

Flash Compensation

Most people's problems with flash is due to too much flash. I put flash compensation/strength in my Fn button menu. Pop up the flash (it is already on in settings), shoot with flash. Change flash strength shot to shot, typically cutting flash strength. Note: even when using flash cut back, you need to let the flash fully re-charge in camera between shots, otherwise, if not fully charged, it will fire but the strength will not be consistent shot to shot.

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