Fuji xe2s color problems, over saturated, technical help needed

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Re: Fuji xe2s color problems, over saturated, technical help needed

lnbolch wrote:

In the early days of digital photography, many companies were eager to join the fray. No all had engineers with any photographic knowledge. One had a brilliant guy who saw a flaw in everyone else and fixed it. H/she noticed that auto white balance tapered off somewhere around 3500K, making available light in living rooms overly warm. It worked perfectly.
That is until someone tried to photograph a glorious sunset, that came out looking like it was shot at noon. The brilliant new algorithm totally neutralised the brilliant colours which of course were in the spectral band similar to living room lighting. The company no longer makes digital cameras.

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That reminds me of film days. I was a transparency/slide shooter in colour but would sometimes shoot print film on holiday. I'd carefully adjust my graduated sunset or ND filter for the needed effect but when the prints were returned, the auto WB/auto exp of the processing machines would have removed all signs of the of affect to leave a standard sky with washed out landscape. That's why I shot colour transparencies!

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