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I assume that the lack of Df guides has to do with author perception that there simply are not enough units sold to warrant the investment in writing a book. That is one reason Hogan gave me in an email when I asked him about whether he was going to publish a Df guide.

Another factor could be that the Df is so intuitive that a guide isn't really needed.

I haven't even looked at the Users Guide yet!

I know that some people don't need to read the camera manual but I'm not one of them (and I've been taking pics for going on 40 years).

Thom's guides are head and shoulders above Nikon manuals. He goes into great detail about the technology in each camera and how it is different from previous models. It really comes in handy if you have been using another DSLR and you want to know how to get up-and-running quickly with your new camera. One example: Changes in how Matrix Metering works with various subjects. (I don't use Matrix but I can see where the info could be valuable for those who rely on it.) Hogan then offers suggestions for camera settings and other information for getting the most of the camera. His guides routinely run 700+ pages.

I always learn new things when I read Thom Hogan's ebooks. (I admit that I can use all the help I can get with all the options stuffed into modern DSLRs.) By the time I finish reading a guide with the camera at hand I feel confident that I know how to get the best possible images with it.

I must say that it was Hogan's review that pushed me towards buying the Df, the other being it looked like what I wanted to buy when I was a student .I do read the manual and I do need them because I moved from Agfa Click III and developing and contact printing to (ie a junior school project making your own light box with a switch and dark room etc) to a Df( a few hiccups with Canon Powershot etc). So, the learning curve was a bit steep.

If Thom Hogan could atleast make available the preferred settings tables that would be interesting.

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