Is Portrait Professional 32-bit a scam?

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Re: And that's a problem, too

phil from seattle wrote:

miketuthill wrote:

DotCom Editor wrote:

Toermalijn wrote:

64 bit version should solve the problem as it can address all your instralled memory.

This money-grubbing outfit wants extra £, ¥, €, or $ for the 64-bit version of the product compared with the 32-bit version. Not even Microsoft or Adobe stoops so low. Shame on them.

Well they're not alone. DXO wants extra money for the same software (DXO Optics Pro) if you happen to own a full frame dslr.

I don't see this. DxO Optics Pro comes in 2 flavors - essential and elite. Elite adds features like Prime denoise and clearview. I don't see anything about 32 vs 64 bit. Could you point to a page that talks about it?

This is a 4 year old thread Phil and I didn't say anything about 32 bit vs 64 bit versions but rather suggested that DXO demonstrated the same sort of greed by asking more for their software if you needed to process full frame images versus APS-C images.

Happy new year!

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