Cameras with manual dials, which cameras?

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Re: Cameras with manual dials, which cameras?

Herman Dijkhuis wrote:

Which cameras do have manual dials for ISO setting, shutter speed, aperture, focus?

Most cameras are menu driven.

I like the go and feel of analog cameras into modern digital cameras.

I do look forward to any replies, thanks in advance.

Happy New Year!

Best regards, Herman

Fuji cameras are all about physical dials and switches.  I have an X-E1.  Love it.  Plenty of dials.

Aperture can be controlled via an aperture ring on Fuji lenses.  Good, classic stuff.  Here's what a Fuji X-T2 looks like:

But be careful of what you wish for.  I've found that these dials and setting get moved (unwanted adjustments to settings) quite often.   This can be quite annoying.  You constantly have to check the position of the dials and switches (for example, the AF mode-- Manual, Continuous, Single-- is a physical switch on the front of the camera that tends to get accidentally moved).

So recent Fuji bodies now have lock buttons on some of the dials like on the X-T2, but still no lock button the exposure comp dial or AF switch.  But then that means those lock buttons can impede your use of those dials a bit.  So there are pros and cons to physical switches for everything.  They look nice, but I don't think they are really any better than LCD-based interfaces. And to be honest, other than aesthetics, I don't find it all THAT satisfying to physically click-click-click a dial into position.  It's cool at first, but the novelty wears off.  Plus, given that I shoot 80% of the time in Aperture Priority mode and 80% of the time in Auto ISO mode, that makes dedicated shutter speed and ISO dials even less useful (at least for me).  But other than that, I do like the classic rangefinderish styling of my X-E1.  I guess I feel that the knobs are there more for aesthetics than for practical value...which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Anyways, it's good to know the pros and cons of manual dials for everything.  They are better in some ways, worse in others.

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