Sony A6000 L-Plate?

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Re: Sony A6000 L-Plate?

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Just got mine . First purchase from really right stuff and I am very pleased with the quality and fit. much better then retrofitting a non-custom plate and just in time for my trip!

I'm not sure that I can explain this well, but I'll try:

My worry about the RRS solution is using it in vertical mode with a cable release. That's easily the most important reason for an L plate, right?

It looks like you must orient the base screw to make the L part maximally far away to be able to use a cable release in vertical mode on your tripod. But then when you store the camera in your pack or whatever, you may well want the L part collapsed for compactness. Otherwise, it might not fit your pack or it might risking banging against a lens.

The RRS L plate for the Sony Alpha A7r handles this consideration well, because you don't need a tool to reposition the screw to vary the width of the plate.

Unfortunately, you do need to carry a tool if you want to reposition RRS's L part for the Sony alpha A6000.

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Jerry Fusselman

The Chinese-made universal L-bracket available on ebay actually works quite well on the A6000 and doesn't require a tool to reposition, although the camera does need to be raised on the L-bracket to use the cable release. It can be had for as little as $7 and is surprisingly well made.

Not too difficult to cut and/or file a channel for the cable.

Really don't need to.

This universal that I purchased for $14 allows me to use the cable in the socket when in vertical orientation. All I would have to do is slide the base to the right:

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Hey Dez,

I can't seem to view the photos in your link.

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