This Week Through Your Sony APS-C E-mount Camera 12/16/16

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Re: This Week Through Your Sony APS-C E-mount Camera 12/16/16

"NEX3C.........;) Who needs a A6500?? "

I can't resist such 'provocation' ... so here's my take on remastering the obvious...

1) Good subjects in dramatic lighting are no-brainers, even for photog's with cheap APS-C gear :-). The C3 remains arguably the cheapest lowest end Nex body, lying on the bottom rung of Sony's APS-C lineup. Small, double shutter noise like a Nikon clunker of the '60s (and early A7, too), basic P&S-like operation, etc.

2) However, the C3's also a sturdy reliable small body that inspire confidence and invites adapted lenses. It seems to work for ever in any wheather, despite lacking sealing.

3) Its 16.1MP sensor at base 200 ISO is clean of noise and decent in DR, helped by an early DRO version. Both noise --i.e., pixel peeping in the under-exposed fog reveals significant shot noise (caught 1st on a 50" 4K screen)-- and DR were more critical to these shots than, e.g., lens' IQ. Stopped down at 8 it's easy to avoid most blatant gotchas.

3') C3's 16Mpix sensor is a good match for both of Sony's kit zooms, even 16-50 (uncorrected at the wider/avoidable end). The latter kit is shared with its nobler progeny even today.

4) Must be said again, till we shame Sony into producing a better 16-50kit: - e.g., on 6500: A $100 kit zoom on a $1400 body, REALLY...?

While not as bad as infamous, the 16-50PZ remains arguably a disgrace for Sony's E-mount; no other kit or lens i have (Nikon, Samsung NX, M42 oldies etc.) is nearly as bad across the range. And the 18-55 kit was just marginally, if at all, better in IQ - while less compact.

Couldn't perhaps Sigma, or even Fuji, Pentax, Oly or Samsung (RIP NX) make a better 16-50 E-mount kit? PZ and even OS are optional features vs. IQ and size, IMHO...

Net: I conjecture that a 6500 w/ its kit would've done quite better, mainly owing to an improved DRO and JPEG engine + more processing power. Whether worth 3-4x the price remains a theoretical debate, once we're nearing the A7 price range (Sony's ultimate target for all of us). Arguably not for landscapes, and certainly not with kits the class of SELP 18-55 and 16-50.

But then, would i ever bother considering the bulk of FF glass, if compact/light SELP 1650 would compete vigorously in the APS-C realm...?

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