Boxing Day V3

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Re: Boxing Day V3

Paul Pasco wrote:

Gunawan Budihardjo wrote:

I am very disappointed with NIKON attitude although I have been using NIKON for over than 45 years until today with my D800.

I bought my Nikon 1 V3 in Japan when it was launch with thought in kind that I like to have a smaller NIKON to carry around, but it was a real disaster, this camera is useless and it seems that NIKON think also that by not having done anything at it.

Don't buy it and if you have bought return it immediately.

Why is it a "disaster" and "useless"? Were you expecting it to equal your D800?

As far as I can see from his previous posts, it's because nikon didn't market it properly, and he bought it specifically for studio work and it hasn't got a proper hotshoe.

Why you'd buy a N1 for studio work when you have a D800 is anyones guess tho'

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