Two days with the EM-1 Mark 2 - 10 early pictures

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Two days with the EM-1 Mark 2 - 10 early pictures

Dear all,

I have now used my E-M1 m2 for two days. (It arrived a while ago, but my wife wouldn't let me open it until Christmas!)

The pictures below are not meant to make any kind of big statement...they are just an early progress report. But for me, this is a truly great absolute game changer.

I know that people have expressed some anxieties and concerns about the E-M1 m2, but I am extremely impressed. Maybe the camera would not seem so great if I were already starting from an EM-1 Mark 1 or an EM-5 Mark 2, but compared with what I have (E-M5 m1), the EM-1 m2 is absolutely off-scale fantastic.

From various postings I learned that Capture One 10 works well with the new Olympus Raw files, so I installed it and am using it in demo mode. I have learned that it is possible to update Lightroom 5 to handle the raw files but so far have not done this. I have only had a couple hours experience with Capture One 10, so the PP below is very far from optimal. In fact, I didn't even try very hard, and I make no claims about it. By the way, to use the latest version of Capture One, I had to install MacOS Sierra.

I took the EM-1 m2 to a beach on the California coast. By luck, there was a pelican feeding frenzy and lots of other bird activity. Please see pix below.

Some quick comments on the camera for those contemplating purchasing it...

1) Compared with the E-M5 m1, the E-M1 m2 has a huge number of additional capabilities, and my guess is that it will take significant time to learn how to use them in an optimal way. I expect that over the next months, as people learn to use the camera, we will see a lot of incredible photos posted.

2) For me, the speed of the camera opens up a large range of new possibilities. The camera acts rapidly and really keeps up with the action. I thought that the E-M5 m1 was pretty fast, but the E-M1 m2 is in an utterly different league. It is is bracing to have a response this fast and not to quickly run out of buffering. Olympus engineers deserve a lot of  credit for upping the processing power in a decisive way. This is not a modest is already changing my experience of photography.

3) The ergonomics, controls, viewfinder, and overall build quality seem vastly better than the E-M5 m1. The E-M1 m2 is somewhat bigger, but coupled with lenses like the 12 mm f/2.0 and 45 mm f/1.8, it still feels like a reasonably small (non-intrusive and non-intimidating!) camera. To me it still feels like a member of the m43 system. My wife, a severe critic, said that its size is not intrusive in family events, and she is very comfortable with it. A big test!

4) The mechanical shutter is quiet and discreet and to me has a better sound than that of the E-M5 m1. Of course the electronic shutter is silent. In normal family events, I did not see any problems with the electronic shutter. For me, the quiet operation is extremely welcome and important because I really value the ability to photograph events without intruding on them. I have tried out other very expensive and capable cameras but have immediately put them down because there were so loud and clanky sounding.

5) I took a couple of videos of the pelicans diving. These videos are so much better than those from the E-M5 m1 that there is no comparison.

6) An irritation - the light on the battery charger is extremely bright and blinks to show how far along it is in charging. At night, you don't want this thing near your bed.

7) Based on my experience so far, I have absolutely no regrets about purchasing this camera. I think that it will be a fantastic tool.

Best regards,


1 - Pelican feeding frenzy sighted! I felt like I was in a Nat Geo special!

2 - Fun fishing!

3. Not sure what type of shorebird this was not difficult at all to get pictures of this quality, which I would say is intermediate. It would have been much, much harder with my E-M5.

4. Great blue heron wading in the surf at sunset.

5. Heron in fading light.

6. Scene on the shore after sunset.

7. Maybe a snowy plover...pretty heavily cropped.

8. Terns ... I have no idea why I shot this at f/2.8. This is about 40% of the original picture area. Should have shot at f/10 or so. But pictures like this are easy. Should be able to do much better in the future.

9. Was hoping to see the green flash, but it did not appear. (Saw it a couple of days before.)


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