Shooting wedding with primes only

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Re: Shooting wedding with primes only

leecamera wrote:

I think one of the main factors that influences the use of primes is how many photographers are covering the wedding. Shooting a $10k wedding there's no question but a sole shooter doing a $2k wedding is another proposition.

I think there is a misconception that price of photographer = number of primes used. Certainly if there are 2 photographers then there's greater possibility for shots / angles.

There certainly does seem to be in the wider dpreview forum. They think primes = quality and shallow DOF = pro. But then manufacturers have been supplying kits with f5.6 zooms for years.

The less I'm changing lenses, the more I'm concentrating on the action. A look, a smile, a tear... these last but seconds and I'd hate to rely on a crop to make it right.

Of course. I don't think most consumers are consciously aware of the niceties of perspective either, so why worry.

Primes are great and they produce great images. I'd venture their advantage these days is when shooting wide open rather than optical purity because some of the new zooms are just sooo good at f2.8

The 70-200 IS II is extraordinary. And I really agree it tends to be a wide open f1.4 that people are really searching for when they want a prime nowadays.

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