Epson 4900: Unclogged, but need help!

Started Dec 18, 2016 | Questions thread
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Qimage may not exercise each cart color.....

sportmaster wrote:

Qimage is able to run a scheduled printing program to keep your machine unclogged.

I print 3-4, letter size prints every 3 days to keep mine clear.

Had one stubborn clog that I couldn't clear no matter what. I tried everything; windex soaked towels, carts with cleaning solution, head removed and ultrasonicly cleaned...nothing worked. One day I ran a ozone generater to clear the stuffy smell from my printer room.. Next day the clog was gone and printer has worked perfectly for 6 months.

Some of Qimage's purge pattern colors may only be composites of other colors and may skip a single cart color.  It's a know fact that only RIP apps are guaranteed to print each cartridge color.  I proved this in am Epson R2880.  I replaced the Vivid Magenta cartridge with a clear cleaning solution, ran manual cleans until no VM printed in the nozzle check print, only the clear solution.  I then printed 8 color internet purge prints and the VM magenta purge pattern color printed fine even though there wasn't any VM ink in the printer!  The VM purge print color was a composite of Vivid Light Magenta and other colors.  It looked identical to a printed purge pattern print when the actual VM ink cart with VM ink was installed.

I'm not saying all printers will exhibit this but it is food for thought.........

Bob P.

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