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wassim al malak wrote:

StillLearning wrote:

Yes it is a very good lens. Only problem with mine is it need a bit of AF tuning at 20mm but not for the rest. Sold it for the 14-24 which is what I have needed at the wider end. Will probably get another Tamron when it comes out with use with the TAP. Do kind of miss the extra 6mm at the long end and the VC was handy at times.

seems like i have some issues with my 15-30 copy too , +20 AF fine tune adjust. on my d3 (at closest focus) doesn't make the lens reach the " 0 " on the chart at 30mm .

but the 15mm is spot on " 0 " on the chart needing 0 AF adjustment .

from the other side , i can get steady shots at 1/8 at 30mm with the VC "off" handholding but at same settings with VC "on" the shot will blured , the VC is ruining my shots at 1/8 , 1/4 .

what's your opinion ?

is the nikon 14-24 better then the tamron ?

thanks for any help .

That's a difficult question. Resolution wise they are pretty close the same. Sounds like you have a bad copy. I even needed a -4 on my 14-24 but it seems to work for all focal lengths.  My Tamron needed about -9 at 20mm but didn't need it on the other focal lengths.  I noticed when using VC I had to let it settle after it was activated before taking a shot.  I didn't need it too often. I would still consider a 15-30 if it came with the TAP IN for adjustment. I really like my USB Dock with my sigmas. But my 14-24 still gives me great results but my Tamron did also.

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