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Larry Cunningham wrote:

I'd also love to find a guide book for the M5. I'm planning to buy an M5 (to replace my M3) after the first of the year.

On a related subject, does anyone know of a "cheat sheet" for either the M3 or the M5? I'm referring to the sort of laminated sheet sold by Bert Sirkin on his Web site . I've bought several of them for cameras I've used through the years, but he doesn't seem to make them for the EOS M series cameras.

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That's a shame, because cheat sheets are much easier to prepare and format, compared to a full-length book, although Bert still has the expense of having them printed and laminated. Because conventional dSLRs from Nikon and Canon, and mirrorless systems from Sony have captured 95+ percent of the market, publishers at all levels are less inclined to support other cameras, including mirrorless models from Canon, Olympus, and Panasonic. I went back to my dealer a year after I bought my EOS M, and he told me it was the only one he ever sold. And, of course, Canon didn't even import some later EOS M models to the US. It's possible that the improvements in the M5 will stimulate third-party support if sales are sufficient.

While the M3 wasn't imported to the US initially, it (and all the Ms) have been officially imported by Canon USA.


Except the M2

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