E-M1 MkII + BLH-1 Battery Endurance

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E-M1 MkII + BLH-1 Battery Endurance

I repeated my battery endurance test using a new E-M1 MkII and two BLH-1 battery packs. Previous tests using E-M1 and E-M10 systems can be found here:

Equipment: I chose an E-M1 MkII, MZ 25mm f/1.8, two Olympus BLH-1 battery packs, and one BCH-1 Charger for the test. All equipment was operated at room temp of about 72 Degrees.

Operation Mode: I utilized the E-M1 MkII's Time Lapse mode of operation, 999 Max Images, Auto Sleep 60sec, S-AF, RAW Out and No Movie create.

Procedure: I mounted the E-M1 MkII on a tripod, loaded a freshly charged battery pack, placed the focus point on a target which would provide easy AF and ran the Time Lapse mode until the battery pack was depleted (the camera shut itself down).

Battery packs were charged to full using the BCH-1 charger. Full voltage was measured to insure charge level and then the battery packs were subjected to the depletion test described above.

I ran the above procedure with Time Lapse delays of 8, 15, 30, 60 and 120 seconds on two different battery packs (10 charge/depletion cycles in all). Observed data follows:

  • 8 sec Delay - Shots: 1290 - Avg Endurance: 172 minutes
  • 15 sec Delay - Shots: 690 - Avg Endurance: 173 minutes
  • 30 sec Delay - Shots: 350 - Avg Endurance: 175 minutes
  • 60 sec Delay - Shots: 174 - Avg Endurance: 174 minutes
  • 120 sec Delay - Shots: 132 - Avg Endurance: 264 minutes

If we consider that there are two power consuming processes occurring, the "static" power burn due to electronics and LCD Backlight, and the momentary additional power burn caused by AF, Shutter Release, image processing and storage, the data above makes it very clear that the static power burn dominates the small change in power consumption caused by taking a shot.

With time delays of 8-60 seconds, the battery endurance to auto shutdown is basically 2.9 hours regardless of how many photos are captured. For a delay greater than 60 seconds, the LCD and camera electronics go to sleep which lowers static power burn considerably.

Also be aware that the orange bar graph appears about the 2.5 hour mark. I will provide more information about the bar graph behavior in another post.

The above data should be helpful in planning a photo mission. Plan to have enough battery packs available based on total shooting time, and pretty much ignore the number of shots you might expect to take.

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