EF-M Lens for Clothes shots

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Re: EF-M Lens for Clothes shots

Then 55-200 would do. Natural lighting outside isn´t best choice, as color, angle and intensity of the light will vary – that will for sure show in her photography, which will not be consistent, and that´s not a good thing for multiple products photography. But maybe demand for image quality is not highes, or in worst case, she will find out the hard way…

Tripods, I thought everybody wants the sturdiest one, but that´s not the case, and it´s also very personal thing.

Even on such small setup as EOS M + M lens, I prefer large, sturdy, heavy tripod, which does it job everytime.

Smaller and lighter tripods are prone to movement and vibrations from cars passing around, from wind, from soft ground (grass and stuff), so these don´t work as good as larger and heavier pods.

Anyway I´m sure you´ll find some compact models of Triopo, which is basically copy of Gitzo. And it delivers. I had few Triopo tripods in my hands, an compared to Velbon, Manfrotto, even Gitzo, and others, I would pick Triopo for its sturdiness and price any day. Same for ball heads.

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