X-Pro1 horizontal indicator is off a few degrees

Started Dec 20, 2016 | Discussions thread
xeriwthe Regular Member • Posts: 478
Re: X-Pro1 horizontal indicator is off a few degrees

my x100s is definitely biased to one side, however the bias seems pretty consistent and it actually helps to identify more precisely when things are horizontal.  that is to say, once the horizon level indicator locks green, there are a few degrees of slop where it won't unlock even through small rotations.  on my x100s things are actually 'horizontal' at one edge of the threshold between locked/unlocked.  i find that threshold and gradually rotate the camera until it just indicates 'horizontal' and then shoot from there.

on my x10, where the horizon indicator is aligned more accurately (in a centered fashion) i actually have a slower time of finding a perfect horizon lock because i have to center the rotation exactly between the two edges of the slop-zone, as i call it.  not that these things matter with lightroom rotate but it's nice when the image comes out horizontal as is

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