E-M1.2 with FTs Lenses (12-60 SWD and 50-200 SWD)

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E-M1.2 with FTs Lenses (12-60 SWD and 50-200 SWD)

The weather has been bad since I got the E-M1.2, so I have had little chance for a full evaluation of performance with the 12-60 and 50-200 lenses. However, there is a very small adolescent deer, that my wife wanted photos of for her Xmas card. I first used the 12-60 and then when that was not long enough tried the 50-200.

Reactions to the 12-60. In good light the focus is quick and with far less hunting than with the E-M1.1. It focuses quickly (either SAF or CAF – single focus point) and refocuses quickly enough (CAF) that it would probably be okay for things like running children with one caveat. It still clicks fairly loudly at the focus stops and with CAF that means lots of clicks as it refocuses. It sounds about as loud as a shutter click on the E-M1.1, so probably not good for settings where this would be distracting.

Reactions to the 50-200 SWD. My evaluation primarily is comparison of the 300mm on the E-M1.1, since more DPR members are probably familiar with the 300mm performance on the previous E-M1.

The lens is almost like a new lens. The focus is very quick and precise in either SAF or CAF mode. Initial reaction is that it is at least as fast or faster with SAF on the E-M1.2, than the 300mm f4 was on the E-M1.1. Its CAF performance on the E-M1.2 is much better than the 300mm CAF performance on the previous E-M1.1.

The first photo illustrates this focus accuracy. I was about 10 feet in front of a gate with diagonal boards about 1.75 inches apart, the deer was about 25 feet on the other side of the gate. I pointed the focus point at the deer’s head , though the gap in the boards and pressed the shutter (Rls S was on so it released on focus confirmation) and with essentially no delay the camera focused. The second image is a crop of the deer’s head.

While I was photographing the small deer, I heard geese overhead, so I moved my mode dial to C1 (5 point, CAF, 1/1250, +1EV, C-AF Lock = +2, Electronic shutter, Low Sequential - 8 fps, Rls Priority C – On, S-IS Auto – no time to turn it off) which was simply the only Cx mode I have setup. I really should have used at least 9 points or even all points with the two separated geese and have used +1.67 EV. I simply moved the mechanically linked focus to infinity and pointed the lens at the geese and pressed the shutter. Even the first image was almost in focus.

The attached is the 11th image in the sequence, all basically the same as this one until I moved the focus point between the birds on image 12 and focus was lost on 13. I have no question that the performance of the 50-200 SWD was much better on the E-M1.2 than the 300mm would have been on the E-M1.1. A few more birds flew over, and the lens would typically achieve focus with 1-2 frames at 8 fps. With the C-AF Lock at +2 the lens would lose focus fairly quickly as the birds flew behind tree limbs.

The last image is simply an image of the little deer that instigated my first evaluation of the FTs lenses. Does anyone know what would cause a fawn to be far smaller than the other fawns from the same year? It is only a little taller than a Labrador retriever. If I were in S. Florida, I would think it was a Key deer.

All images other than the deer's head uncropped.

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