EM1 Mark 2 and fast SDHC cards

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Re: EM1 Mark 2 and fast SDHC cards

abe4652 wrote:

calson wrote:

The 95 Mbps cards work fine though the 64GB Lexar 150 Mbps UHS II cards with 140 Mbps write speeds are selling for only $35 at B&H. These are more than adequate for both high fps still capture and for 4K video.

Thanks all, but my original question remains unanswered. If anyone has the camera, and both a super fast 300 Mbps card and Sandisk's 95 Mbps card, could one take a moment and shoot a quick 30 frames with each and let us know if the camera's buffer clears faster with the faster card?


I think I've done the tests you asked for. Is this what you were looking for?  I'll be very interested in your interpretation of the results; see my query at the end, after you've made your own impressions.

SD Card Speed in Olympus OM-D E-M1 ii

Basic setup:

Electronic shutter 60fps

60 count limit (but only ~50 shots actually recorded with multi-second press of shutter release)

Saving RAW + LF images

Both cards SanDisk, formatted in camera before each run, card in Slot 1 each time.

Timed from moment I started pressing shutter release until red “card writing” symbol stop flashing.

50 Shot Test

300MB/s 64gb card: 43-44 seconds to clear 50 shots from buffer

95MB/s 128gb card: 65 seconds to clear 49-50 shots from buffer (it only took 49 on one run)

20 Shot Test

Dropped count limit to 20…

300MB/s 64gb card: 19 seconds to clear 20 shots from buffer

95MB/s 128gb card: 27 seconds to clear 20 shots from buffer

ProCapture Low

Set for 14 shots before full press plus 36 shots after for total of 50 shots

300MB/s 64gb card: 45 seconds to clear 50 shots from buffer

95MB/s 128gb card: 66 seconds to clear 50 shots from buffer (also tried this card in slot 2: still 66 seconds to clear buffer)

Other notes:

While buffer is clearing, you CAN keep shooting. You can change any settings (as far as I could tell) EXCEPT the Shooting Mode (e.g., Pro Capture Low). You also could not review pictures while buffer was clearing (I’m pretty sure the manual says that, too).

Of note: I blasted off 1,090 frames doing these tests, starting with a 100% full battery. Afterwards, the battery was still 77% full. Take that, CIPA!

Bottom line: The 300 MB/s card is definitely faster, but I am very surprised at how long it takes for the buffer to clear. It is clearing at a rate of approximately 1 frame per second, even with the fast card. Am I doing something wrong? I cannot imagine what that would be.


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