Shooting wedding with primes only

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Re: Shooting wedding with primes only

Deardorff wrote:

Yes, I understand 'reportage' style weddings and events.

As one who has been a photojournalist and news shooter for some time, mainly smaller papers where I have more freedom to do self generated work - I cringe when I see what many call 'photojournalistic style'.

They too often rely on overshooting rather than on talent and capturing the event. They think massive numbers make for good work and overwhelm the client with numbers rather than quality.

It is the photographic equivalent of a new carpenter - placing three to five nails where one is called for.

Shooting with prime lenses and working more slowly for much of the event will generally get more keepers and result in much less time in post processing.

If I were going to push wedding again I would get two older film Hasselblads and supplement with one Canon or Nikon full frame digital and provide print proof books.

What couple and family even has the time to look at 2,000 images?

You talk about 2,000 images.

I was in the local camera repair shop (who is also  authorized repairer for Nikon and Canon gear in our state) having some dead pixels remapped when the technician came out and said to the woman next to me that they would have to put a new shutter in her Canon DSLR. She responded with a lot of complaining and whining.

When the technician had left, I asked her what sort of photography did she do and she replied "wedding". I then asked, "how many images do you typically shoot at a wedding?" and she replied "around 4,000".

I then said to her, "you do realise that they have these things called video cameras, don't you?"

All that I got back was a dark look!

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