Need your advise for night shots

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Need your advise for night shots

Long story short, every year I take a photo to use for the Christmas greetings but am a bit tired of the same usual seascapes, on the other hand the rock formations I always use for my shots are kind of a trademark of the isle I live in so this afternoon I went for a hike down the shore and took the usual shots from the usual points of view, sky very clear thanks to a cold and dry north easterly wind which also means no clouds, no drama (...), on the way back I took a couple night shots, very first time in my life even tho I have always been fascinated by the night sky (also have a scope I don't use since a few years, a classic 600/80 refractor), used the Fuji X-Pro1 on a tripod with a remote control, raised ISO and shot max aperture with the 14/2.8 (the Fuji is a DX sensor), took shots from 15 to 30 seconds; once home I found out a few issues, first of all even on 15 seconds can see elongated stars which means I have to lower time to, probably, 10 seconds or so (the rule of 500/focal length seems not to work) and raise ISO but at the same time there is quite a lot of noise especially since I then have to lift shadows in post to make the rock formation at the bottom to stand out.

Based on the sample what are your suggestions about shooting time, ISO settings and noise reduction?

Maybe stacking to get both the rock and the sky correctly exposed?

Thank you very much for your attention


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