Is a D750 a good choice for me compared to a D7200/5500?

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Re: Is a D750 a good choice for me compared to a D7200/5500?

SUFTUM wrote:

The D750 will be more forgiving in that if you use the RAW format you have huge options to fix or correct your images in post processing.

Look at most professional images you see, they will have had some or all of white balance, colour temperature, noise, sharpness, exposure or contrast adjusted afterwards.

The D750 has a massive Dynamic Range

DXO  Landscape score for D750 is 14.5

the D7200 is 14.6 & the D5500 has 14

meaning that if you don't get it right first time - you have a lot of room to play with to recover the image and get it looking the way you hoped. Seeing what you need to do post to fix an image also helps next time you are shotting to avoid that issue again. The files of all these bodies can be edited - but the DR of the D750 gives you a lot more latitude.

All 3 cameras have very good Dynamic Range.

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