Test Results: 70-200GM, 70-300G, 24-70GM

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Re: Test Results: 70-200GM, 70-300G, 24-70GM

Photonymous wrote:

Bruce Oudekerk wrote:

I'm 2000 miles from home and its cumbersome to download these massive files. The one I did was of the FE70-300G and was taken at ISO 1600 making comparison to any of my previous tests difficult.

I'd appreciate any of your offhand thoughts re: the results of this fairly extensive battery of tests.


My subjective take on the test results between the 70-300G and the 70-200GM:

»If you need 200mm, use the GM on the a7rii. The GM is better than the G, but no one can evaluate for any other person whether it's twice-the-price better -- ya' gotta look at the tests and then look in your wallet... (That's why I posted the tests devoid of commentary.)

»If you need 300mm, put the GM on the a6300 (instead of G on a7rii).

»If you need ~450mm, put the G on the a6300 (instead of GM+1.4x).

»An a6000 is cheaper than the 1.4x and will almost certainly yield better results (I only have the a6300, but I can't imagine the 1.4x ever being better, because I was so thoroughly unimpressed by my copy of the 1. 4x).

»But,1.4x is still better than cropping.

»Broadly speaking, in terms of sharpness, the GM at f2.8 was often more or less in the ballpark of the G wide open. From (failing) memory, since it has been a while now (sorry) and I don't want to go back and look, the were various exceptions in the tests that cut in favor of one lens or the other, but the GM never really fell down badly and more odten came out on top.

»I was able to compare my G against three others, so I'm pretty sure it's above average (especially as it relates to being even across the frame and not needing to be stopped down, across focal lengths -- and, they weren't all like that). But, I've only seen this one copy of the GM and 1.4x. GM doesn't seem to need a lot of stopping down, either, though.

»GM and G both focus plenty fast. GM can be faster, but it has less focal length to consider, so I'm not sure that's a fair comparison. Both get temporarily lost occasionally but recover quickly.

»G struggles with AF much sooner in fading light, which you'd expect based on aperture. For me, the G is a good portable wildlife lens when the light is good, but the small aperture gets in the way because wildlife often gets active outside the usable daylight range of the G (not just with respect to AF, but also acceptable ISO, even on the a7rii).

»Starting to think either I have a couple of batteries wearing out or the GM drains battery faster.

My $0.02

I have also owned both the 70-200 GM and the FE 70-300, and while I didn't own them at the same time, I completely concur with your findings

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