GR III coming in 2017?

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Re: GR III coming in 2017?

georg f wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

There is a lot of merit in one size lens suits all and zoom is achieved by a sensor that has deep cropping capability. One might even wonder that if enough pixels were provided and the resolution of the lens were good enough then a fixed prime lens might be all that were needed.

the return of the infamous digital zoom
but yeah, exactly. it might still take a few years, but something like a GR with a 28mm lens, and the possibility to crop until say 85mm FOV with still 12 MP of great quality would be something really wonderful!

On this basis the GRIII might be expected to be yet another Ricoh tour de force, but if it resorts to the sensor shuffle alone then it might be a good sign that the GR design has topped out and Ricoh has run out of ideas. Not a truly positive outlook for the GR.

hmm, to my eyes (and hands) the GR is one of the best examples of continous refinement: it lays in the hand better than any camera of even widely comparable size, and the interface allowing full one handed operation is nothing short of genius. four years on the market and it still is the smallest camera with an APS-C sensor, and the only one that fits in pockets of pants. many will agree that in many respects the GR simply doesn't need much refinement to be the best camera (for it's niche). it is, and allways was a stubborn product, taking it's own way and deliberatly sticking with it, against strong critisism. so IMHO small but well changes are exactly the positive outlook for the GR.

I see some merit in Olympus work in focus stacking in real time to increase the pixel density caught but such high speed captures have not progressed beyond static subjects so far. The capture speed and other gymnastics necessary to focus stack a few images that normally require a shutter speed of (say) 1/500 is huge. But even three images interpolated by sensor movement and stacked promises a new level of high resolution from smaller sensor sizes. This of course has a further extension into sensor crop zoom. If only it could be perfected.

Ricoh has the opportunity of using the Pentax IBIS system in the GR.

you are pointing out immense possibilities there
really looking forward to time those things really work (and can fit into the size of the GR)

Cannot see why they couldn't as I don't think that they are camera body-size related.

Ricoh is king of its niche but if it already is state of the art then what more is there to offer apart from a new sensor.  This is exactly where the Panasonic GM series sit.  To add any more features and twists would destroy the whole concept of what is the smallest replaceable lens camera with a reasonable sized sensor.  They seem to have killed off the Pentax Q and is are said to be the end of the Nikon J series as well.

The Panasonic GX85 type also shows how much technology can be packed into a body effectively the size of the GXR.

Of course the Panasonic cameras are not quite up to Ricoh ergonomics or firmware sophistication but are nevertheless fine cameras in many ways.

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