HP's official and final word on the departed B9180

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Re: Recovering a faulty B9180

I know this is a very old thread, but as here are already some important informations about this old HP model, I may ask:

Anybody out there still using one of these printers, b9180 or b8850 ?!

I need help to repair a probable hardware issue:
my b9180 seems to ignore the loaded paper, moving it through the feed (from the lower main paper tray through the back side up to the print path) and then out of the printer - without printing. No matter if I run a print job or let print a nozzzle check by the printer itself, no printing, only the message "out of paper", after it has actually picked a sheet and pushed it through and out.
I think it is due to the paper sensors between the paper feed rollers in the back, there are two which I can see. Although I could dismantle the housing I don't know how to dismount these sensors in order to inspect or repair or replace them.

My B8850 is running smooth, very good output, high quality OEM inks, easy to refill (wiith same vivera ink out of bigger carts, into the printer's OEM carts, you just have to unplug the original fill hole ... or use refill cartridges) and with some really nice features: MK/PK are simultanously used without switching, very good B&W output, daily self maintenance keeps the printer ready for printing without clogging, etc...

It would be a pity to dump the B9180, which seems to be in good condition..except for printing.

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