Pollinators Past ... *Macro

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Pollinators Past ... *Macro

I was recently asked to contribute to a calendar event about Pollinators here in Oz.

Excerpt from my original post "To call them pollinators is to reduce them to a function they perform in nature. It’s rational, scientific, but they are much more than that, to me.

To me the primary value of nature (insect pollinators in this case) is as a reminder of something else, through sense. Because when you’re under the hammer of mind as rampant thinking or the dreadful emotions it usually ends up stirring it is sense that helps you out for good – no undesirable (side) effects.

Enjoy the pollinators for what they are … wonderful little earth creatures, faeries - without the fiction - down the bottom of the garden … while they are."

It reminds me of one reason I do macro.

More than a pollinator of flowers or crops.

… are they just elements to be killed or harnessed?

Or is it clear these magnificent beauties are representative of something purer, unseen …

… of our own wonderful mystical nature that defies reducing.

They frolic in the flower heads … pollen dripping from their mouths.

Sit out the rain on a big yellow pillow.

Climb around the butterfly bush looking for the tastiest morsel.

Flit from flower to flower, playing in the garden.

The colours, this neon fiddler beetle.

Where better than on a crucifix orchid to pray in the dark of the night.

She traversed the garden, flower to flower, looking for the best spot to hatch her young. Pollinating as she went.

See the colour, the form, and wonder …

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