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I like my D5. My photography is eclectic, but I do a lot of events, which have all been indoors, so the low light performance is very interesting to me. I have been using a D4 for several years and got a D5 about 6 weeks ago. The D4 is now my backup body but many events I shoot with both bodies, with a different lens on each one so I can respond to transient events quickly.

My shots are mostly used on the web and in newsletters and PR releases so high resolution is not essential, and noise can be dealt with pretty well for those purposes. I use ISO 6400-12800 on the D4 and 8000-16000 on the D5 pretty regularly. With a lot of work in post the D5 can be used in the 60K-100K range although some downsampling might be necessary. The ISO of 3 million on the D5 is great for marketing and bragging rights, but useless for photography.

I have a D800e for "studio" work and documentation where I might need the high resolution. Of course the lighting is controlled in those situations so I don't need the high ISO performance (although the D800e does reasonably well there -- just not as good as the D4/5).

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